Tue 4th August 2015


Bedford Town(L) 0 – 1
Burton Park Wanderers(W) 6 – 2
Quorn FC(W) 3 – 2
Wellingborough Town FC(W) 5 – 1
Luton Town(L) 1 – 2




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Following the unsavoury incident towards the end of our game against Hayes & Yeading between JP Marna and Moses Ashikodi the club has now completed an investigation into the actions of the players involved.

All evidence (video footage, the players involved and witnesses) suggests that Moses Ashikodi was not involved in any form of violent conduct and his offence was verbal.  As a result the club appealed to the FA to overturn his red card.  Surprisingly the decision was upheld and the club awaits the FA’s written explanation.

Both players are aware that professional footballers are role models to many young children and that their conduct on and off the field is as important as performance and results.  They have apologised to each other, the management and team mates and have asked to do the same to the supporters.  They have also asked for the opportunity to make amends to all concerned by way of their future conduct and performance for Kettering Town Football Club. 

In the case of JP Marna the club has taken into account his unquestionable contribution over several years and his previously unblemished disciplinary record.  He has been fined the maximum amount permissible under FA regulations, suspended from the club for one week and placed on the transfer list.

The club awaits the report from the FA before deciding the financial sanction to Moses Ashikodi but he has been placed on the transfer list.  The club has turned down three offers in the last week for Moses and this incident has not affected our valuation.

Both players will be removed from the transfer list in four weeks if their conduct and performance is deemed satisfactory by the manager.


Following our disappointing start to the season, manager Mark Stimson is considering adding more fresh faces to the club, whilst operating within the clubs budget.  In order for this to happen, the club has transfer listed eleven players.  This list includes a mix of players who are surplus to requirements, players that require games to maintain match fitness and players that are currently part of Mark Stimson’s first team plans:

Available for transfer or loan (fee plus wages)

Moses Ashikodi

David Bridges

Jerell Ifil

JP Marna

Available for transfer or loan (wages only)

Sol Davis

Phil Ifil

Leon McKenzie

Steven Meechan

Jaime Navarro

Pat Nubissie

Djoumin Sangare


Chairman Imraan Ladak released the following statement:

“This has been a testing week for all involved at the club.  Football is special due to the emotion generated but on Tuesday several boundaries were crossed.  I have discussed the situation in detail with the management and players involved and we believe they are genuinely remorseful.  They desperately do not want their Kettering Town careers to end on this note and want to make up for their actions.  We have taken their word as men and hope our supporters give them the chance to make good their promise.

“Mark has indicated that he wants to improve the balance and quality of the squad and he will be supported wherever possible.  However he may have to sacrifice one or two high earners or more complete individuals to make this happen.  We have transfer listed eleven players for varying reasons, including some who have actually performed well for the club.  It is down to the players to respond in the best way and show Mark that they want and deserve to play for this club.

On paper this is the best squad we have had in the six years I have been at the club but on the field it has been the worst.  It is down to the players to turn this around and perform to the level their salaries and CV’s suggest.  We know they can do it and I hope for their sake they do.”